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Our Philosophy

Great design is not a stunning layout, a beautiful web site, or a brilliantly useful diagram. Great design is all of the above — plus strategy. That’s why we use the term “design strategy” when describing what we do. The foundation of every communications tool starts with a properly planned strategy, then the art comes in.

We Specialize in Design for Business & Education

There is nothing more exciting for us than to work for clients who are doing truly important work. Every day, these outstanding schools, museums, libraries, or other organizations are involved in two truly important endeavors: educating young people and enriching lives. Our association with such organizations is thrilling, fun, and above all, very rewarding.

Communicating with the Black Dog

Communicating with the Black Dog Your audience is like a black dog on a cloudy, moonless night. You can't see it, but you know it's out there. Sniffing around. Not paying attention to you, or even knowing why it should pay attention. How do you find it? How do you call it? How do you make it come inside and do what you want it to do?

That’s what Communicating with the Black Dog is all about: making your message relevant, distinctive, and believable. Bidlack Creative Group knows all the tricks, serves all the treats, and owns all the whistles that bring the Black Dog — the audience — to your door.

Want some exposure to our Communicating with the Black Dog rules and philosophy? Explore our Free Treats section to learn more.

At Bidlack Creative Group, we’re experts at Communicating with the Black Dog.