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About Us

We Have a Passion for Collaborating with Our Clients.

Established in 1987, Bidlack Creative Group is a boutique marketing communications firm based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, specializing in design strategy for business and education organizations. We provide strategic thinking, design services, and counsel to our exceptional roster of clients. Our goal is to present our clients to their audiences in the most effective way possible.

Our work encompasses marketing, planning, branding, corporate identity, logo design, advertising, websites and more. We also create truly original and effective communication materials — from simple brochures to complex, comprehensive communication programs — that promote events and exhibitions, help raise funds, increase membership and attendance, evoke pride and much more. Over the years, our work has won numerous awards, both for effectiveness and exceptional design.

Our marketing philosophy is based on the idea of “Communicating With The Black Dog”… and you can learn more about that, and about the unique way we think, in our handy Resources section.

To learn more about Bidlack Creative Group, check out the rest of our site. Or, feel free to contact us directly. If you’re all about business or education, we’re all about you.


Communicating with the Black Dog

Communicating With The Black DogYour audience is like a black dog on a cloudy, moonless night. You can’t see it, but you know it’s out there. Sniffing around. Not paying attention to you — or even knowing why it should pay attention. How do you find it? How do you call it? How do you make it come inside and do what you want it to do?

That’s what Communicating with the Black Dog is all about: making your message relevant, distinctive, and believable enough to actually get through to your audience. Bidlack Creative Group knows all the tricks, serves all the treats, and owns all the whistles that bring the Black Dog — the audience — to your door.

Want some exposure to our Communicating with the Black Dog rules and philosophy? Explore our Resources section to learn more.

At Bidlack Creative Group, we’re experts at Communicating with the Black Dog.