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The Bidlack Strategy Sheets

Read and download our helpful Strategy Sheets to guide and focus your communications thinking, and to get a feel for the Bidlack marketing communications philosophy. They can also be a valuable homework assignment prior to working with us, to help you define your business challenges and goals.


All About Non-readers

In the Age of the Internet, There are More of Them Every Day

Non-readers (as Bidlack defines the term) are not illiterate.

They are members of your audience who have a marked preference for image-based communications.

How Non-readers Process information

Many non-readers are bright, curious, and actively seek new information, yet may also have short attention spans, be easily distracted, enjoy interacting with multiple channels of simultaneous information, and have little patience for text-based communications. They are turned off when presented with paragraphs of text, and tend to think in pictures and video. Although a non-reader may be dyslexic (a condition, not a disability), he or she may also be very intelligent.

And with the ubiquity of the web-enabled devices, with their images, video, feeds, apps, tabs, and distractions that are only a click away, more and more of us — from all generations — are becoming non-readers.

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