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The Bidlack Strategy Sheets

Read and download our helpful Strategy Sheets to guide and focus your communications thinking, and to get a feel for the Bidlack marketing communications philosophy. They can also be a valuable homework assignment prior to working with us, to help you define your business challenges and goals.


Developing a Credo Statement

Who are you, and what do you want to accomplish?

What is a Credo Statement?

A credo statement is a short written expression outlining the convictions, goals, responsibilities, and philosophy of an organization. A credo should be composed to instill pride and common purpose within the organization, while also generating comprehension and interest to outside audiences. The credo is the philosophical hub around which the organization revolves.

How Do I Create a Credo?

Begin by assembling a small group of individuals, people who take pride in the organization. Meet around a table, and begin by spending about five minutes to brainstorm individually on scraps of paper, listing the elements people feel should be part of the organization’s credo statement (basic philosophies, core values, fact lists, achievements, pride, etc.). When finished, present the individual ideas to one another. Then as a group, select the best and most compelling features for inclusion in the credo statement, and create a first draft mock-up of the credo card. Pass the mock-up around to stakeholders, get feedback, then create a final version of the credo statement for distribution.

The mood and mind-set of the individuals involved in the process is critical to the creation of a credo statement which will be utilized and respected. A successful credo statement must evolve from organizational pride, not from a mandatory assignment.

How Do We Disseminate Our Credo?

The primary purpose of the credo statement is to create a simple “intra-office” reminder of organizational convictions, goals, responsibilities, and philosophy. And although the primary purpose of the credo is to be an easily-referenced guide to keep an organization professional, on course, and on the same message, the credo statement will also be a handy device to present to the public as a way to quickly and clearly communicate organizational values. Both audiences, internal and external, will benefit from access to your credo statement. Consider these methods of dissemination…

Your Credo on a CardThe Credo Card is arguably the most effective method of credo dissemination. All persons associated with your organization should carry a credo card, understand the value of its contents, and champion the cause. With every company inquiry—on duty or off—the credo card becomes an opportunity for you and your colleagues to present important organizational aims, demonstrate consistency of thought, and be a source of pride. In addition to the Credo Statement, a credo card may also contain the Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Operating Objective, the organization’s purpose, etc. THE CREDO IS A SMALL (USUALLY) SIX-PANEL PRINTED CARD FOR POCKET OR WALLET.

Your Credo OnlineThe Credo Online Your credo should be part of your web site for easy reference – for your audience, for your employees and for yourself. This online presence will foster greater awareness and understanding of your company’s mission, values and purpose. Easily accessible online, it will focus your communications, and keep you on-mission. THE ONLINE CREDO IS NOT TOO LOUD OR BRAGGY, JUST AN UNDERSTATED TAB OR BUTTON TAKING THE VISITOR TO THE “OUR CREDO” PAGE IS ALL THAT’S NEEDED.

Your Credo in MindThe Credo in Mind is, in the end, the most important location for the credo statement. Work hard to instill the credo as a permanent, compelling idea in the minds of all people involved internally, and in your external audiences. The real goal is to be remembered. THE CREDO IN MIND MUST BE SIMPLE ENOUGH FOR STAKEHOLDERS TO EASILY REMEMBER.


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