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In other words, really cool stuff that will help you think, focus and communicate within your organization while you fine-tune your marketing goals, needs, and strategy. We have over 25 years of experience in communications, why not learn from us?

The 3 Rules of Good Communication

There are only three rules that professional communicators really need to know. Here they are…

Read the Three Rules of Good Communication

Download Bidlack’s Three Rules of Good Communication PDF

The Two Charts of Doom

Population control in the marketing process including the “Over-Populated Approval Process,” and the “Length-of-Meeting Inverse Goal Reversal Nullification Process.” Huh?

View and Download The Two Charts of Doom

Download Bidlack’s Two Charts of Doom PDF

Five Ways to Kill a Great Idea

The idea was brilliant. Simple and refreshingly original, sure to pique the interest of your audience like never before. But then suddenly it is squashed before your very eyes. How did it happen?

Learn 5 Ways to Kill a Good Idea

Download Bidlack’s Five Ways to Kill a Great Idea PDF

How to Build Your Own Random Improvement Generator

Not quite happy with your communications concept? Try using the Bidlack Random Improvement Generator.

Try the Random Improvement Generator!

Download Bidlack’s Random Improvement Generator PDF

How To Keep Committees from Turning into Evil Monsters

Committees with the best of intentions can get wildly out of control… you’ve seen it happen. Here’s how to make it not happen.

How to Keep Committees from Turning Into Evil Monsters

Download Bidlack’s How to Keep Committees from Turning into Evil Monsters PDF

Stop Thinking Like You

When considering if a communications idea is good or bad, people incorrectly but frequently imagine themselves as the target audience. This is a bad idea. Find out why.

Please, Stop Thinking Like You!

Download Bidlack’s Stop Thinking Like You PDF

The Ten Rules of Communicating with the Black Dog

First Five Rules:  See the big picture. Stand out. Be brief. Know your niche. Make sense. Download Bidlack’s First Five Rules of Communicating with the Black Dog PDF

Second Five Rules:  Always appear professional. Choose the best mechanism. Know your soul. Be visually consistent. Realize that your audience is not interested in your message. Download Bidlack’s Second Five Rules of Communicating with the Black Dog PDF

10 Rules for Communicating With The Black Dog