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When the United Way of Washtenaw County (UWWC) needed help dressing up the blank, drab walls of their conference room, the UWWC Marketing Team and Bidlack Creative Group saw an opportunity for UWWC to tell their organization’s story… to the audiences that matter most!

 Bidlack discovered that most UWWC stakeholders including donors, partners, volunteers, and community groups had little understanding of its vast scope of services or its incredible impact on the people of Washtenaw County. The one thing that each stakeholder group shared was that they attended meetings in the United Way conference room.

 We used the empty walls to share the UWWC story in words and images to ensure that all critical stakeholders could learn about the many ways that UWWC interacts with and positively impacts our local community.

Bidlack Creative Group created a dynamic new look in our community room. The graphics they created communicated our mission, message and partnerships. Bidlack was a great partner and delivered a great product in an extraordinary way.”
Pam Smith, CEO, United Way of Washtenaw County

Graphic panels highlight UWWC’s history, objectives, and six core service areas.

Signage at the entrance of the conference room introduces UWWC’s vision and values.

Panels on the left recognize UWWC’s community partners are recognized, while panels on the right demonstrate the need for the organization’s services in our area.

Panels demonstrating the need for services in Washtenaw County are followed by panels that tell the story of how those needs were filled by United Way.

Three of the six graphic panels that tell the story of individuals whose lives were changed as a result of UWWC’s programs in six core service areas.

A special panel thanks UWWC’s current Cornerstone Sponsors. The panel is designed to be updated annually.

Powerful story boards feature testimonials from individuals who have been helped directly by United Way of Washtenaw.