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A Candy bar Descriptor vs a Slogan

Letting Your Prospects Know What’s Inside

A CANDY BAR DESCRIPTOR is a handy Bidlack term for a succinct line of copy, suitable for use with a mark or logo, which describes the product, service, and/or core purpose of an organization — in short, its ingredients. In a sense it answers the question posed by the logo or mark.

But it is not a slogan or advertising tag line.


A Candy Bar Descriptor vs a Slogan

While the slogan usually presents the organization’s promise through stylistic expression, the candy bar descriptor straightforwardly presents the ingredients, allowing the audience to quickly and accurately grasp purpose and function, and to allow an instant understanding of what differentiates the organization from its competition


Do You Need a Candy Bar Descriptor?

Larger, better-known organizations or products have less need for a candy bar descriptor, while smaller, lesser-known organizations have a greater need for one. With time comes familiarity, but sales must be made in the meantime.

And organizational names alone rarely present enough information to prospective customers. Adding a candy bar descriptor allows the prospective customer to know what’s inside.