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Bidlack Creative Group creates an attention-getting “Tool Kit” for the Michigan Venture Capital Association, to promote the organization to potential new members and clients.

THE CHALLENGE: As a dynamic, fast-growing organization, the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA) needed to find a way to make sure all of its members and associates were “on message” regarding its mission and goals — and well-prepared to communicate more effectively with existing and potential clients.

THE SOLUTION: Bidlack designed and developed a member “toolkit” that included a series of engaging, informative, and entertaining materials that focused on MVCA’s mission and goals — and its significant recent achievements. The toolkit included a series of “all-star” baseball-style cards showcasing some of the organization’s most accomplished entrepreneurs; and a handy “wallet-card” for members that included key facts about the MVCA and the dramatic growth of venture capital activity in Michigan in recent years. In the process of developing these materials, Bidlack also worked with MVCA to help them strengthen their core message, and develop a more consistent overall “brand identity.”

THE RESULT: MVCA says these materials have helped their members and other associates to think about — and talk about — MVCA in a more consistent way; and have helped to spur significant conversations within the organization regarding the importance of additional outreach and education efforts focused on MVCA members, clients, and associates.


Bidlack Creative Group creates Toolkit for Michigan Venture Capital Association

MVCA members received a custom “Toolbox” with materials designed to help them promote the organization to potential new members and clients.

Bidlack Creative Group creates entrepreneur trading cards for Michigan Venture Capital Association

The MCVA Toolkit included set of baseball card-style trading cards featuring notable entrepreneurial “all stars” who’ve benefited from MVCA-supported venture capital funding.